Home and Pet sitting


   Hello, House Watchers is designed to watch over a customer's home(s), property, and/or pet(s) while they're away. Whether going on a summer vacation, last minute business trip, wedding/funeral, watching over a seasonal home, or just going out for a few hours and need someone to let the dog out to do its business and take him for a walk, we can accommodate you. In essence we make it seem like someone is currently and physically living at a place of residence to keep possible trouble away and to keep things maintained while you are gone. Which would include a number of jobs from monitoring lights, keeping yards watered, putting the trash out, to gathering mail and/or the newspaper, and these are just a few examples of the many services we can offer. Also to give you the convenience and peace of mind by keeping your pet in the comfort of your own home, and knowing it will be properly cared for.                                                      


      Over 12 years ago I started watching my friends and my families homes, apartments, condos, and their pets when ever they went away. Whether it was a summer vacation, out of town wedding or funeral, or for business, they called me to keep an eye on their home and pets. Of course, they paid me and the pay was pretty good. So I began thinking why not start a business, I have the experience and credibility to make it happen. It took a while to figure out how I was going to make it a profitable business and appealing to the public, but eventually everything started to come together. As in life I noticed that most things are like that, you keep at it long enough and you will achieve your goal and succeed. "HOUSE WATCHERS," your very own personal home and pet watchers.


        Yours Truly, 


Mike N. 


- Experienced, Honest, responsible, and trusting

- Fully licensed and insured in Utah

- Excellent with pets and animals 

- Providing service to the greater Salt Lake valley, Ogden area, and Park City area (please call (801) 560-7554 or Contact Us! if you have any questions on our coverage area)

- Offering many services for a hard to beat Price (%100 satisfaction guaranteed) 

- Peace of mind that your home is looked after while you are gone

- Although most boarding and kennel facilities take great care in making sure that all animals that stay there are healthy and up to date with there shots and vaccines. But there is still that chance that your pet could catch something or feel sick by stressing out, being away from it's home and familiar surroundings. Hey! There's no place like home. 

- Save time and money by letting us take care of your beloved pets in the comfort of your own home (your pets will thank you for it to)

- We're a one of a kind business that is able to offer these special kind of services around here