Home and Pet sitting


First Time Customers

  1. Do you we get to meet you first?

       Yes, if you are a first time customer you will get to meet with us before you agree to our services. There will be a no cost visit to your home to let us go over what your needs are going to be, our services, make out a schedule of the times and days you going to need us, and pricing. Plus, it also gives your pet a chance to meet and get acquainted with us, so on the next visit it's much more comfortable for your pet(s).

  2. What animals can you watch or care for?

       Our main market is all types of canines and felines, but we also care for most types of birds, fish (fresh & salt), reptiles, and small animals.

  3. Are you insured or bonded?

       Yes, we are fully insured, so in  the unlikly event something does happen we are covered to cover you %100 for damages if we are at fault.

  4. How long does each stop take?

       Each stop is going to be different for everyone. It just depends on what services are needed. For instance, one customer will want it's two dogs fed, the mail brought in, and to water it's two indoor plants; this stop should take 15-25 minutes. Another customer wants his whole garden watered in the back yard plus the flower bed in the front yard, the mail and newspaper brought in, and it's one cat and two gold fish fed; this stop should take us around 45-60 minutes, this could take even longer depending on the size of the garden and flower bed. Another customer wants his dog walked, fed, and a light brushing; this should take us around 35-60 minutes. Keep in mind we are commited to doing the best job possible, we are efficient at our job and we will give you the best service that we possibly can. 

  5. How does your pricing work?

       We rate our pricing according to time spent for each stop and whether or not there is a pet involved to be cared for. pricing!

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  1. Do you feed our pets only what we approve they can eat?

       Yes, we only feed your pet(s) what you the owner appove us to feed them, wether it be any snacks, treats, or pet food. We will go through the whole feeding and food regimen with you at your free at home appointment with us. 

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