Satisfied customers Satisfied customers Malamute This is one our favorites! 162301611 Cat 1're a purring machine 166036651 Bernese Mix Cutest puppy ever...we love you Max! 135976528 Cat 2 Krissy...pretty kitty! 166036650 Black Lab Hang in there Satin...such a smart girl! 166036652 Mini Shepard Another satisfied good boy Sammy. 162331034 Hamster Izzy... nice cheek pockets 162301609 135976529 Have fun in Cali 135976530 Shepard Mix She's a good girl 162301608 Yes... you can have a treat! 135969119 Rooster Big chicken... fried chicken anyone... jk 162301610 Okay Kumba.... you can have a treat to! 135969120 135976531