Home and Pet sitting


These are the more popular services that we provide to our customers. We offer many more services that are not listed here, so if you have any questions on a service or an unusual request that you might think is beyond our job duty - please don't hesitate to give us a call, and chances are pretty good we can accommodate your every need. We care for most household pets, (canines, felines, birds, reptiles, fish (fresh/salt), small animals) for any questions on our pet/home services please call (801) 560-7554 or Contact Us, we will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.



Home Services


Pet Services



- Set lights, timers, ect...


We can set timers and lights according to your instructions. No timers for your lights, that's alright let us come and turn on the ones you want at night and than come back in the morning to turn them off. Save electricity and give your home that lived in look. 



- Set and adjust thermostats


Let us adjust your thermostat and help save you money on your gas and electrical bills. By your return we will set it back to your requested setting, so you can return to a comfortable temperature in your home. 



- Keep lawn, garden, and plants watered


Let us keep your lawn, garden, and plants looking good while you are gone. We will monitor and keep your beautiful lawn, green garden, colorful plants, and flowers watered and looking healthy. 



- Clean up any debris or garbage on property 


We will clean up any garbage or debris that might have blown in from the storm the night before, or from careless litter bugs. That way your yard and home looks well taken care of and  it tells people that somebody is looking after your home, which will make it less likely for someone to break in. 



- Check for any problems like plumbing or storm damage


We will check for any plumbing or storm damage problems. We want to catch it early so you don't have to come home to a costly surprise. If there is any problem we will contact you soon as possible. 



- Visual check of exterior


Each stop we will do a visual check of the exterior, making sure everything is in place. We will check for broken windows, vandalism, or stolen or destroyed property. If anything is wrong we will contact you immediately. 



- Interior check


Each stop we will perform a quick yet thorough check of the interior. We'll make sure nothing is out of place. 



- Put out garbage/recycle


Worried about not being here on garbage day, don't worry we got you covered. We will put out your garbage the night before, come back the next morning to put the garbage can back. Have trash inside your home from the kitchen, bathroom, or downstairs that need emptying, no problem we can handle that to. Plus it gives the impression that someone is really at home. 



- Handle mail/newspaper


We will pick up your mail and newspaper everyday, which is also a good sign to people that someone must be home. We can leave the mail and newspaper in your home or any safe place you choose use to leave it, or we will take it with us and store it in our safe portable container. When you come home we will bring your mail and newspaper bundled nicely together. 



- Adjust blinds & curtains 


We can vary and alter your blinds and curtains each day and night, to give your house the impression that someone is always home. It will keep unwanted visitors away and keep your house smelling fresh inside by letting the healthy sunlight in everyday, and keep prying eye's from looking in at nighttime. 



- Feed and water 


We will keep your pet fed at the right times with the proper amount and type of food that you provide and make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water.



- Take for walk


What dog or other leashed pets don't like going for a walk -we know this, that's why we would love to take your best friend for a stroll. A short walk will help release some of that pend up energy, so your pet will be less likely to try and run away or tear up the yard or house. 



- Let in and out


If your pet requires to be let in and out during the day or night, we will come by as needed and required by the owner for the pet(s) convenience. Anything could happen, so why take a chance of leaving your pet in or out all day and night. Plus, we're sure your pet would love the company as much as we would love theirs. 



- Treats or snacks


If approved by owner, on our stop we can give your pet(s) a snack or treat as it would normally be getting as if you were there. A treat is good for calming down and keeping your pet out of mischief. 



- Play with and give attention


We love animals as much as you do, so paying attention and being happy to see your pet(s) is second nature to us. We would even love to engage in some short play time with your pet if he/she is in the mood. 



- Brush


If required by owner, we can perform a light brush on your pet(s). Brushing will make your pet feel cool and nice in the summer time. Plus leaves less loose hair for you to clean up when you return. 



- Accidents 


We know pets have accidents once in a while, that's why one of our services is cleaning up these little messes. Whether it's cleaning up vomit or urine on the front room carpet or kitchen floor, to picking up the fecal matter in the back yard; we have it covered. That way you come home to a clean fresh smelling environment.



- Medications


If your pet requires or is on medication, we know how important it is they maintain that schedule while you are away. Whether your pet is arthritic and is on anti-inflammatory/joint medication, or is a diabetic and needs daily insulin shots, our experience and great caring will ensure your pet the very best service from us. We take great measures to ensure that your pet is fully taken care of, no matter the situation or circumstance.